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Decoration of an apartment

Family home, contemporary style and cosmopolitan

CJC intervention
Selection of furniture pieces (mostly designed by CJC), fabrics, accent pieces, rugs, lighting, works of art. As far as the interior architecture the water closet and the stair case area.

The ambiance is cosmopolitan, contemporary and timeless. In this decoration project most furniture pieces used were also designed by the atelier. Combined with pieces from Knoll, Established and Sons, Autoban, Emmemobili, Vitra among others. The rugs are exclusively designed by CJC and made of wool, silk and linen, dating back from the seventies. The materials range from fine woods, lacquered, iron and steel. The fabrics all in wool, linen, silk or velvet are all plain and 100% natural. The colours palette varies from white to grey, with a light touch of green and yellow are extremely smooth. The works of art are by contemporary Portuguese artists (photographs by André Gomes e João Paulo Serafim sculpture from de Pedro Figueiredo) blend beautifully with other more classic pieces from the owner`s private collection.

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