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As part of a building built in the end of the 60’s in one of the main areas of the city of Lisbon, this apartment – with an area of approximately 260m2 – featured an excessively compartmentalized T6 typology that was not adequate for the current owner´s needs. For this reason, the apartment underwent a deep intervention with two different stages: the Project of Interior Architecture and a Decoration Project. Cristina Jorge de Carvalho´s main goal in this project was to define a layout that would accommodate the client´s needs whilst taking in consideration a pre-existing and complex structure of beams and pillars. The location of the main areas was kept even if with minor changes. The four bedrooms were transformed into three suites and the various existing rooms were turned into one unique area. The once dark entrance to the apartment was opened towards the living room area, not only expanding its area but also providing it with natural light. The social areas are large and filled with light with a selection of various materials and neutral colours where the brushed off stainless steel becomes the stand out element and allows for a deconstruction of the structural elements that condition the space. The chose of the Travertino Alabastrino for the hallway´s flooring and the fireplace´s frame was essential in order to get the most out of the stone´s natural texture and with it create an interesting set of complex textures through the different orientation and mixture of the stone’s veins. The warmth of the natural oak timber used on the floors contrasts with the coldness of the stone and the stainless steel and provides the space with a sense of comfort. The Travertino was also used on the guests bathroom with the black cement creating a space completely ambiguous and scenic, emphasized by the Gris mirror. The kitchen is split into two different areas. A meal area where the wood – as opposed to the marble used in the cooking area – creates the comfort that dominates the entire house. On the preparation and cooking area the colour green was selected to accentuate the monochromatic pallet of the apartment. In the Suites – the most intimate areas – the neutral colour pallet stands out and harmoniously meets the comfort provided by the timber on the floors. This harmony is only opposed by the emerging elements of the different marbles that cover the bathrooms providing these areas with a touch of luxury and elegance.
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