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With three cabins that are completed by a pool and exterior lounge, this project for a Summer House at Herdade da Comporta had two main concepts as its base: the permeability between interior and exterior and the connection between the rustic character of the typical constructions of the area and the comfort of a contemporary design.

The main cabin lodges the common areas, which are distributed in ample living areas, dinner area and kitchen, all interconnected and connected with the exterior. The wide windows highlight the connection with the exterior and provide intense lighting, which is characteristic of contemporary spaces. In the kitchen, the contrast between rustic/contemporary is stated through the use of opposed materials, namely the stainless steel island and the wood cabinets. 

In the second cabin, which lodges two rooms with bathroom, this connection is intensified by the definition of exterior living areas with seats that are integrated in the façade. The third and last cabin, houses an individual suite with exterior deck, which is more isolated than the others.

This summer house also distinguishes itself by its large swimming pool and exterior lounge with fireplace, which amplify and highlight the exterior character of the project and develop the intrinsic need to enjoy the surroundings’ natural beauty. For this reason, the exterior space was executed in materials which reflect the colors of the surrounding nature, allowing for a smoother integration in the natural space. The lounge, conceived as an open sky bonfire, is the most singular aspect of this project, around which the cabins are developed. 

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