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Invited by the prestigious real estate developer Stone Capital, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho has developed the integral Interior Design Project for the building Liberdade 12. A new concept that aims the commercialization, for the 1st time in Portugal, of fully decorated apartments with the possibility of choice between two different concepts.


For this project, the designer has created two distinct atmospheres that underline and reflect the luxury of the architecture and premium location of Liberdade 12.

 Light was the starting point of Interior Design Project A. Taking advantage of one of the most recognizable characteristics of Lisbon, the light, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho created a space where the city’s sublime radiance finds its perfect canvas. With a clear contemporary aesthetic, Interior Design Project A suggests furniture pieces with clean, straight lines, creating a timeless atmosphere and a modern visual game that appeals to design lovers. The chosen materials – wood, iron and linen – are united in a contrast of textures, conveying a truly luxurious dimension to the apartment.


For Interior Design Project B, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho created an ambiance where her signature timeless design is brought to life through sophisticated comfort. The neutral color palette is accentuated by the usage of dark green, in a harmonious and cosmopolitan approach. The careful selection of furniture pieces and materials reinforce the elegance and eclecticism of Interior Design Project B, where velvet, stone and stainless steel emphasize the tactile character of the project. A genuine retreat in the heart of the city, where classic luxury meets the comfort and sophistication of elegance.    

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