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The genesis of this project is the creation of a space that does not break away for the existing identity of the store. Starting from Stivali´s original concept and image, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho has reinterpreted the identity of the brand through a modern language in which its timeless signature design is brought to life through a sophisticated comfort.

The careful selection of the modern and fresh nude tone reinforces the store´s eclectic elegance and reflects an environment in which the sublime brightness finds its perfect canvas. With an admittedly contemporary aesthetic defined by simple and purified lines, and through the selection of noble materials such as stone, stainless steel and mirror surfaces, the space acquires a truly welcoming and intimate dimension. The existence of different corners from brands with unique identities has influenced the selection of a neutral palette that allows for an elegant and complete integration of the space.

Being an amplification – and since the new areas of the store are located on the first floor – the stairs represent the focus point of the project as they assume the transition area between both spaces. The first steps become then, the two most evidenced elements that will invite and announce the access to the upper and new floor. The invitational side of this element is reinforced by the introduction of the mirror through and the use of carefully selected lighting. The final result is a set of elements that create the scenic and visual impact aimed for this transitional space.

The display area was analyzed and designed in a very simple manner in order to provide the pieces and accessories with maximum exposure. When it comes to the materials being used, it became essential to create a monochromatic environment in these areas; the tonalities selected for the walls and the limestone colour used create a chromatic coherence that allows the objects showing to obtain special visibility. There was also special care in regards to the lighting being used. The strict and very specific design of the display furniture was thought out to allow a wide variety of the pieces being displayed.

Small niche areas have been built on the walls, where selected pieces get special visibility. Set up with polished stainless steel with built-in lighting, these provide more than a highlight but also create an interesting game of light beams of the showing pieces. Due to its materiality, these niches gain a strong presence and create a point of interest in this monochromatic space.

In the centre, a lounge area has been created in order to break the formality of the space and to support the different corners. This area is specially defined by the introduction of a higher ceiling, indirect lighting and furniture pieces that set the room. The main piece is a modular leather sofa, from CJC – Furniture Collection, as well as the Grey Shadows rug from CJC – Rug Collection, both by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho.

In the changing room area, comfort and privacy were the privileged features via the installation of carpets on the floors, the introduction of fabric and by carefully using indirect lighting. The careful selection of the design furniture pieces – Platner chairs from Knoll, support Diamond table from CJC – Furniture Collection and light fixtures from CTO Lighting – give this space a human and more intimate scale.  

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