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Inserted in a property with approximately 12 000 square meters and with a total construction area of 700 square meters, this luxurious family house was entirely designed by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho and her team.

Reflecting the cool, relaxing lifestyle of the south of Portugal, this exquisite property features generous exterior areas, also designed by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho, with a pool, an extensive deck area close to the main house, and a lounge area with exterior fireplace and privileged access to two beaches.

The architectural project is decisively contemporary, with a clean and rectilinear language. Two volumes characterized the main house: one, coated in stone, references the volumetric pre-existence of past times; the other one, built for this project, overlaps the first and aligns with the sea.

Grand glass planes dematerialize the volumetric mass of the south façade directed at the ocean, establishing and reinforcing the strong connection with the exterior. Extensive terraces accentuate this permeability and offer framings of the surrounding landscape, creating the need for outdoor living.

With a clean and pure language, the project’s contemporaneity is underlined by the areas and configuration of the space - which escape the traditional compartmentalization. The resulting spaces are clean and sober, presenting a selection and blend of materials and textures that convey elegance and timelessness.

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