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In the genesis of this project arises the concept of function: showroom - exhibition space - and the desire to maintain the original design of the building. In this sense, the color palette is neutral and sober giving full prominence to the pieces on display. The floors, walls and ceilings are all covered in pure white, leaving space for the architecture itself to breathe and shine. Only in non-exhibition areas such as bathrooms and the kitchen / meeting room, there is some gray anthracite adding a touch of modernity.

In the old kitchen, now used as a meeting room, a kitchenette was designed and integrated in a space hidden by folding plans, thereby serving to support the entire showroom without revealing its function.

The decoration project is defined by a clean and understated aesthetic, in order to highlight the exhibitors, the garments and accessories.
The iron used in some of the pieces designed by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho (sub-frames, console, bookcase, floor lamps) provide an industrial and cool look in contrast to the rough wood, linens and wool rug that adds a warm and comfortable touch to the spaces.

The customization of the space through the unique pieces designed to fit the specific functionality of each room, is complemented by design classics by Charles & Ray Eames and Eero Saarinen, pieces of contemporary design (lamps in & Tradition, Classicon and Established & Sons, and Gervasoni table support) and vintage items.

The artwork by Luis Nobre and Jorge Feijão give a hint of color to the whiteness that characterizes the entire showroom.

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